Hey, I'm Doug and I set up Eco Log Burners to create a community-based company where anyone can access the information needed to choose a wood burning stove, have it fitted by a

Demonstration time!

reputable tradesperson or if fitting yourself, understand the regulations so that your log burning stove is fitted safely.

My log burner journey started by fitting a Wood burning stove for my Mum and Dad, who after getting a number of crazy quotes convinced me to do it. I was at the time running a building firm specializing in extensions and loft conversions.

Eco log Burners started as a side project but soon took up all my time as I soon realized that I wasn't the only one who wanted a log Burning Stove fitted for a reasonable price but to a high safety standard.

It made sense as I had been working in the industry for two decades and the work of installing a log burner was similar in comparison to some of the projects and I had undertaken in my building career.

It can be a messy job!

I have seen a lot of  DIY installs that people have done that weren't safe and it became clear that it was the knowledge that people were lacking.

My other two passions are walking Cooper and Minnie my two little Shih Tzus along the local sandbanks beach.

Me and my Dogs

Why Eco? - I chose to name my company Eco to reflect that being an Environment and Animal loving vegan I wanted to create a company that I could be ethically proud of.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Kind regards

Doug Womack