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How long is the installation of a stove?

Our Stove Installations normally take between 1 day to  3 days. This depends on the amount of work involved as every install is different and will often throw up its own unique set of challenges.


What size/type of stove should I choose?

Our engineer will advise you of the correct size/output for your home but the general rule is that for every 14 cubic metres of room you would need 1kw of energy.  This calculation must also take it account how well insulated the property is.


Do I live in a Smoke Control Zone?

You will need to call your local council to find out if you live in a smoke control area. If you live in a smoke control area, you will need a clean burn Defra approved stove in order to comply with the clean air act. For more information please follow this link here:


What happends if I don’t have a chimney?

That is not a problem as Stoves can be fitted in many places around your home including extensions and conservatories using a special twin-wall flue system exiting either through a wall or a roof.


Do I have to line my existing chimney ?

It is nearly always recommended to fit a liner as this is the way most stoves were designed. The only time we might consider not doing so would be if there was a clay lined flue.


Why Go Eco?

At Eco log Burners we believe in high quality, cost efficient and environmentally friendly products. Not only is this our vision for the future but The Stove Industry Alliance thinks so to; and has requested that all manufactures start to produce stoves that meet the new green laws that are due in 2022