Current Jobs and Collaborations

At Eco, we are always looking for the best talent, in this organically expanding business.

We would love you to send your CV to us if you have the passion to serve customers.

  • We are currently looking for a Qualified tradesperson or an Improver who can plaster has structural knowledge of chimney breasts, as well as basic building skills. 
  • We are also currently looking for an Intern, for a managerial, sales and marketing, personal assistant type role with knowledge in social media platforms, word, exel, WordPress ect. 

We love action takers so are always happy to have a chat with anyone who would like to join us as a partner in building the Eco vision of a customer-focused company that grows with the customer throughout the life of each log burner.

“The world wasn’t built by individuals, it was built by people working together.”

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